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About This Site

This website is dedicated to insulator collectors and is intended to support the National Insulator Association members with an on-line presence.  It is also a repository of historical information on Insulators as well as information on past NIA sponsored shows.  I welcome all input on this site and ideas on ways it can be improved.

This site was started in October 1998 when the NIA obtained their own URL.  Since then content has been continually updated.  Starting in June of 1995 Bill Meier, who was NIA Eastern Region Vice President at the time, Added a section to dedicated to the NIA.  Bill is owed a hobby debt of gratitude for establishing as the first insulator collecting site on the internet!

As the NIA Webmaster, I would like to see this site grow to further serve our hobby! I see this site as complementing the currently existing web sites ( and Crown Jewels of the Wire web site) , and will hopefully avoid redundancy.  This site is owned by the NIA and can only grow with the help of NIA members.  Please let me know if you have any articles to submit or any ideas on things you would like to see on these pages!

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