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(In the beginning)

The concept of a "National" organization of insulator collectors may have first been informally discussed behind the scenes during the Colorado Springs National show in 1971.  After much debate of the pros and cons for such an organization, no action was taken before all collectors departed for home.  Those who strongly advocated an organization of national scope continued to stir the pot through the next year.  Word was sent to those planning to attend the 1972 Kansas City National to come prepared to select officers for a "National Insulator Club".  Following the Saturday night banquet, the debate raged on into the evening and again no agreement on objectives could be obtained.  As the night wore on, Warren Olson was asked to chair an organizing committee and was assigned the responsibility of drafting a plan to be presented to collectors assembled at the next National to be held in July 1973 at Hutchinson, Kansas.

Olson's committee appointees were: Ernest Rostock, Pendelton, OR; Larry Harmon, Wentzville, MO; Fred Griffin, Palatka, FL; John Hall, Columbus, OH; Steve Freedman, Wallingford, CT; Chuck Henry, Bakersfield, CA; and Rodney Wing, Garden City, MI.  John Hall took the lead in writing the proposed by-laws and produced a number of drafts which were reviewed and debated by the committee.  Olson presented the final draft to the assembled group following the Saturday evening banquet.  The By-laws were accepted by unanimous vote.  The National Insulator Association was off and running.

The first official item of business was the election of officers.  The organizing committee presented a slate of officers which was augmented by nominations from the floor.  Ballots were prepared and passed out to those present.  Dues were collected as the votes were cast,  Those selected to serve that first year ware as follows:  Fred Griffin was elected President; Steve Freedman, Jesse Moreland, and Richard Augustyn were elected to the Board of Directors.  Warren Olson and Dennis McHenry were kept busy collecting dues and assigning membership numbers.  Olson was able to secure Membership Number 1.

Note: This short history was taken from the 2003 National show awards program put together by Glenn Drummond