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Benefits of NIA membership:


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v    Each paid member will receive “Drip Points”, a large format, full color quarterly newsletter published by the NIA. (View sample issue!)

v    Each member receives a membership card entitling the holder to attend the official “NIA day” at the NIA annual National Convention (Only NIA members are allowed admission on NIA day).

v The NIA supports a yearly National show and up to two Regional shows each to cover three regions (Eastern, Central, and Western).  In addition to display awards, advertising subsidies are provided to help promote these shows and the hobby in general.

v    Each member can be listed in the annual Crown Jewels directory and will receive a discount coupon towards a yearly Crown Jewels of the Wire subscription.

v    Each member becomes part of the growing NIA family of insulator collectors and historians, and a national organization gives the hobby legitimacy.

v    The NIA’s Authentication & Classification Committee directs investigation into new finds and the use of new technology to increase our historical understanding.

v    The NIA Historian maintains a large library of insulator documentation and can be queried by members for research and learning.

v    The NIA supports insulator shows by providing a complementary “Best of show” ribbon for displays at local shows, a “Best of Show” plaque for sanctioned Regional shows and ten awards for different categories for the annual National show.  Research & Education are stressed in the NIA’s judging criteria.

v    Shows sponsored by an NIA member or by a member club can take advantage of NIA liability insurance coverage at reduced rates.  This is a very significant benefit as acquiring insurance for a show is not trivial.

v    New members receive a copy of the NIA By-laws and Code of Ethics as well as a window decal.

v    As a non-profit organization, the NIA provides an avenue to work with museums and other institutions for research and hobby promotion.  The recent work with the Smithsonian Institution is a good example of this.

v    NIA members agree to a set of ethics rules, and the Ethics Committee Chair can assist in resolving disputes between NIA members.


NIA's input on the Hobby Protection Act

This hobby is what you want to make of it!!  The NIA is a good way to get involved, interface with other collectors, and influence the future direction and growth of this great hobby!

Printable NIA membership form

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