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National Insulator Association 2017 Commemorative

“Now in the 48th year of continuous production”


Dome embossing

2017 Commemorative for the

Colorado Springs, CO

48th National Show


Chameleon & Rocky Rose


All proceeds for the benefit of the NIA

Base embossing

Note - Our goal for this year was to have a very unique color. Neodymium is a rare earth element when used as an additive in glass creates a very unique color that changes shade based on the light source! Incandecent, sunlight, flourescent and LED lighting all show as different shades! We call this color chameleon!

We worked with the glass company on this color and their initial attempt, although a beautiful rose shade, did not have the desired color change affect. So for this year we have two different colors -- the beautiful rose and also the chameleon. We simply need to cover our cost for the extra pour so are offering the "Rocky Rose" at a significant discount if you purchase the originally intended chameleon.

Regular Chameleon in incandecent light

Pricing:   Regular commemoratives:  $40 for the first and $35 for each additional postpaid (US) and for each purchased you can purchase a rocky rose regular for just $15
Solid pours (limited production) with no base markings - $50 each postpaid (US) and you optionally can add a Rocky Rose solid pour for an additional $25


Some Previous Years are available for the same pricing

National Year Regular Commemorative Solid Pour Commemorative
2010 Sold Out Sold Out
2011 Sold Out Available
2012 Sold Out Available
2013 Sold Out Sold Out
2014 Sold Out Available
2015 Available Available
2016 Available Available

Solid pour Chameleon in incandecent light

Regular Chameleon in flourescent light

Rocky Rose regular

Rocky Rose solid pour

Solid Pour Chameleon in flourescent light


Note on solid pours: solid pours are not plunged and are solid glass - they vary in size and can be crude. They may lean or have flaws, and this is typical for these. As they are not plunged, they have no base markings


Link To: History of the National Show Commemoratives:  "Collecting Our History"

Being an enthusiastic insulator collector, Frank Miller of Tulsa, Oklahoma went home from the First National Insulator Meet (that’s what the "national" show was referred to in 1970) held in New Castle, Indiana with an idea that collectors should have something by which they could remember the national meets. After months of struggling, he managed to have an insulator mold made. Frank said it was often referred to as "Frank's Last Folly" since he retired from teaching shortly thereafter. He also said it was worth the struggle. The commemorative insulator he designed replicated the early threadless "pilgrim hat" (CD 736) and is almost 4 inches high and is 3 1/4 inches across at the base. Since 1970, the glass commemorative has marked the national show event with new embossing for the location and a new color of glass.  In 1979, the project was continued by John & Carol McDougald of Sedona, AZ.  John and Carol produced the yearly commemoratives through 2009 at which time they donated the production to the National Insulator Association starting with the 2010 version.  Any profits made from the commemoratives benefits the not for profit National Insulator Association.

During the first two years of production, the commemorative was embossed on the small 2" flat dome.  In 1972 the show embossing was moved from the dome top to the base ring of the insulator.  In 1988 embossing configuration was again changed so that each year used both the base ring and the dome top.  It has continued for 28 years with this embossing pattern.

Payment Options: Postpaid to US addresses, contact us if you are outside the US.

Payment by mail:  

Please make check or money order in U.S. funds payable to National Insulator Association (NIA) to:

NIA 2017 Commemorative
Carolyn Berry
1010 Wren Court
Round Rock, TX  78681-2741 

(512) 255-2006

PayPal Electronic Payment:

Some additional earlier years:

Earlier year solid pours

Note: If you want more than listed here - please contact us at NIA Commemorative

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