On May 31st, 1910 The Hemingray Glass Company received Trade Mark No. 79,096:  HEMINGRAY” for use on ‘electric, telegraph, telephone, cable, street-railway, and floor insulators and break-knobs of glass.’  It was noted that the trade mark had been in use for 10 years.  

On December 14th, 1911 Daniel Carroll Hemingray, second oldest son of Robert Hemingray, died in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a consequence of a stroke suffered on the way home (Glendale, a northern suburb of Cincinnati) from the Hemingray Glass Co. offices in Covington.  He was taken to the Queen City Club where he expired this date.  He was married to Clara Keck of Cincinnati.  They had no children.  Daniel C. was Secretary of the Hemingray Glass Company at the time of his death.

On February 27th, 1912 The Hemingray Glass Company sold the property formerly belonging to the Ohio Valley Glass Company in Pleasant City, Ohio, to John F. Segrest.

On  December 23rd, 1913  Ralph G. Hemingray and Charles Hawk, assignors to Hemingray Glass Company, receive Design Patent No. 13, 661: “Screw-Press to Form Insulators.”

Thanks to Glenn Drummond for this and much more Hemingray historical information included in this timeline.

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