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This pictorial album shows some of the more common pieces found in the United States and Canada.  There was discussion on ICON on what the most common insulators are.  These pieces were voted the top ten most common styles, and are in the order they were selected (Most to less common).  This is not scientific, but was the result of about 20+ collectors opinions.  Although these pieces are typically considered common within the insulator community, they represent some of the most historically significant insulators.  These were the workhorse insulators used on the open wire communications lines in the 1900's!  These were also frequently the insulators that first got collectors interested in the hobby.   For more information on CD numbers please see The Glass Insulator In America, a 1988 Report By N.R. Woodward.  For pricing and additional information see the 2011 Price Guide and also the CD listing available here.

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