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Topical Index of Periodicals

There is a tremendous amount of research and information available in insulator and related magazines.  To facilitate locating information (I'm always having to go back through years of Crown Jewels of The Wire magazines to find an article I remember) this list will be searchable with the site search engine.  The following periodicals will be included in this index.

Note that this index is not comprehensive, but an attempt to capture significant insulator information and keywords for searching.  I have tried to capture items of historical interest and do not index all of the more common items.  Items in red indicate reported items or information that has not resurfaced in the hobby... Yet!

The Crown Jewels of the Wire website has some of the very early issues available on-line, but this seems to be limited to just the first two years of publication, 1969 and 1970.  It will be a long process to get all the CJ data added.  The other periodicals are limited to issues that I have access to, if anyone can add additional index information or have issues available please contact me!

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