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Announcing the NIA Companion:

NIA Companion Website Link

Thanks to a very generous donation from David Baron (NIA #9082), the NIA is pleased to present the NIA Companion to the insulator collecting hobby. The Companion provides both a website and a corresponding smart phone app. This is designed specifically for insulator collectors and an excellent alternative or supplement to FaceBook with some specific advantages:

How to get started:

To start using this great new tool, use the links above to either visit the web site or download the mobile app. Once you are at the site, click the 'Join' button where you can fill out your profile information and become a registered member. After joining you can either add to your profile by uploading a photo as well as decide whether you'd like to receive email notifications when other members create and share information. Or, you can dive right in and start posting, selling, buying or building your collection!

NIA Companion Website Link

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