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Glass Insulators from outside

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Updated May 17th 2023

Insulator have been used worldwide since the invention of the telegraph.  There is a tremendous variety of insulators from outside North America.  One thing especially exciting about this area of the hobby is that new finds are almost constant.  Insulator collecting is not as popular outside of North America, so there is still a lot to be discovered.  The CD numbering system covers threaded pin-type insulators from outside North America as well and is also maintained by N.R. Woodward.  A special debt of gratitude is also owed to Marilyn Albers who pioneered the documentation and early interest in these insulators.  For many years she authored a monthly section in Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine on insulators from outside North America as well as presenting award winning displays at many national shows.  Styles that are identical to their North American counterparts keep the same CD numbers.  CD's 400-699 are reserved for the remainder. Note that the information here only scratches the surface of what is available -- The following book is highly recommended:

Glass Insulators from Outside North America - Marilyn Albers & N.R. Woodward

Special thanks to Don Mecklenborg for a tremendous amount of quality photographs and the associated information with them!  This was the needed catalyst to get this enhanced set of pages in place.  I am very interested in expanding this site further, especially by adding additional styles.  If you are willing to contribute please contact me (webmaster).  

Note that there are a number of insulators that do not yet have a CD assigned.  N.R. Woodward assigns CDs as he gets enough information to do so.  With the tremendous number of new styles being discovered this process is behind.  I have assigned numbers to the unassigned CDs to facilitate communication in common styles and getting an assignment.

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