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Porcelain Insulators from Australia

These insulators are identified by U-numbers, but in the range of 1000-3999.  The link below is for the reference book that covers these insulators.

Worldwide Porcelain Insulators (Unipart Pin Types)

Insulators from Australia
U-1101 U-1101A U-1145 U-1145 U-1145 U-1154 U-1154 U-1154 U-1154 U-1167 U-1167A U-1361 U-1425A U-1470 U-1485
U-1486 U-1493 U-1493 U-1493 U-1493 U-1493 U-1493 U-1493 U-1493A U-1502 U-1502
U-1502 U-1502 U-1503 U-1503 U-1503A U-1503B U-1540 U-1541
U-1542 U-1565 U-1569 U-1580 U-1584 U-1609A U-1644 U-1649 U-1760 U-1910 U-1912
U-1938 U-1954 U-1954A U-1954B U-1966A U-1966B U-1967 U-1968
U-2030 U-2354 U-2370 U-2370A U-2372 U-2374 U-2376 U-2377 U-2382 U-2387 U-2389
U-2391 U-2393 U-2396 U-2398 U-2399 U-2406A U-2410 U-2447 U-2483
U-2510 U-2562B U-2611 U-2617 U-2620 U-2624 U-2675 U-2721
U-2734 U-2875 U-3003 U-3016 U-3069 U-3115 U-3221
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