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Porcelain Pin-type Insulators from outside the United States

Porcelain pintype insulators have been used worldwide since the development if the telegraph.  Many countries including the United Kingdom and Japan use almost exclusively porcelain insulators.  White and brown glazes are by far the most common, but as can be seen below, there is a great variety of color available.  These insulators are identified by U-numbers, but in the range of 1000-3999.  The link below is for the reference book that covers these insulators.

Worldwide Porcelain Insulators (Unipart Pin Types)

The convention used on this site is to list insulators both in the country they were found and in the country they were manufactured if known unless they were particularly widely used in which the country of manufacture will suffice.  Many companies made insulators specifically for export to a particular country and that may be the only place they were used.

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Insulators from outside the United States - Updated July 8, 2021


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